Our Services

Our main advantage lies in our ability to quickly adapt to our client’s requirements. Let it be a full team that is needed, to provide a single engineer, or should you require us halfway into your project – you can count on us to adjust to your liking.

Project Management Services

We can support you right from the start, providing input and feedback into design and vendor selection. Our project management consultancy involves supporting you:

  • Provide design input.
  • Advise in contractor/vendor bidding, negotiation & selection.
  • Oversight & supervision.
  • Ensuring quality of construction work is met to acceptable standards.
  • Health and safety audit – ensuring zero accidents on site.
  • Checking, monitoring, evaluating progress on site.
  • Open access reporting to clients.
  • Facilities management, maintenance.

Construction Management Services

Our number 1 service is in providing construction management services and consultancy. As construction management consultants, we can be involved from the construction phase of your project, where we can support you in:

  • Oversight and supervision.
  • Ensuring the quality of construction is met to acceptable standards.
  • Health and safety audit – ensuring zero accidents on-site.
  • Checking, monitoring, and evaluating progress on site.
  • Facilities management, maintenance.
  • Open access reporting to clients.

Building Audit and Rectifications

Do you have an existing building that’s troubling you? Our construction management services expand to performing audits, due diligence studies and subsequent rectifications/renovations.


Our engineers will assess and evaluate your building, should it be a mega high rise, warehouse, factory or a private home, we can support in identifying the issues and provide you with the best solution. We are indeed, due diligence consultants as well as construction managers.