Safety Policy

At PT Kandu, we understand how important safety is for our team and the general public. PT Kandu’s up to date safety policy include a robust plan that allows everyone to work in a hazard-free environment.

We foster a health and safety policy that is both in legal compliance with the Indonesian law and incredibly effective in addressing risks on site. We believe that safety is the responsibility of everybody from clients, managers and employees.

Some of our safety practices include:

  • Training for all employees and managers
  • Clear-cut Communication with all our partners
  • Ensuring that managers frequently inspect equipment and communicate with others about health and safety
  • All safety inspectors are qualified with a training diploma
  • Implementing safety in the planning stages of our projects to reduce accidents on site

Safety, just as much as quality, is ingrained and part of our company culture. At PT Kandu, we enjoy promoting the best and most updated safety practices in Indonesia.